A global commitment to the responsible development of AI tools

Dear Rosetta community,

Scientists in our community led an effort to develop a framework for the responsible development of AI tools for the life sciences. By establishing a framework of guiding principles, we're at the forefront of promoting safety, security, and ethical responsibility in the development of AI tools. Our commitment deeply embeds biosecurity and ethical considerations into AI advancements, advocating for openness and global cooperation to tackle the pressing challenges of health, energy, and environmental sustainability. This endeavor not only steers AI technology towards responsible growth but also aims to spark breakthroughs that benefit humanity at large.

This voluntary commitment has been signed by 154 leading scientists from 28 countries, including Nobel laureate of 2018 Frances Arnold, Microsoft's Chief Scientific Officer Eric Horvitz, the 2018 Turing award winner Yann LeCun, and the Former White House Senior Director for Global Health Security and Biodefense Raj Panjabi, among many others. For a detailed exploration of our principles, please visit https://responsiblebiodesign.ai/.

Warm regard,
Rosetta Commons

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