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Parametric disasters

~ published by Brian Weitzner ( original post from 09/03/2018 ) ~ I recently got a new computer and I have been (slowly) going through my old files to try to maintain a little order around here. So, while I was doing the ol’ twenty-first century upkeep, I stumbled across a file called “”. Here’s what was in that file: There’s another one called “” that looks like this: W hat each of these movies show is a failed initial attempt at extending the parametric bundle design methods used in Rosetta. A little while ago, Vikram Mulligan and I sat down to think about what would be needed to describe a β barrel. We started off noting that a strand could be thought of as a helix in which every residue flips 180º, and that we would need to describe a “squishing” parameter to describe non-circular barrel systems. Vikram recently moved on to the  Flatiron Institute  in New York, but this was a fun little project that kind of went nowhere so I thought I would share it