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Rosetta Commons welcomes inaugural Biosecurity Fellow, Samuel Curtis

As a community, we aim to maximize the benefits and minimize the potential for harm of tools used for biomolecular design. We recognize that doing so will require a clear theoretical understanding of the benefit-risk profiles of our tools, and of how their development fits in the landscape of technological advancements and policy development. To this end, Rosetta Commons has welcomed Samuel Curtis as our inaugural Rosetta Commons Biosecurity Fellow. In this capacity, Sam will conduct research on these topics within the Rosetta Commons community and coordinate convenings between protein design community members and biosecurity policy experts to support better-informed policy decision-making. Sam earned a BA in Biochemistry, Biophysics, and Molecular Biology from Whitman College and an MSc in Global Affairs with Outstanding Distinction from Tsinghua University through the Schwarzman Scholars program. Prior to joining Rosetta Commons, Sam worked in AI policy for four years at a nonprofit,

Introducing Rosetta Commons Foundation and Levitate Bio

Dear members of the Rosetta Community, The Rosetta Commons Board is excited to announce a significant milestone in the evolution of our community and a step on our path toward the Future of Rosetta. We have created a non-profit organization, the Rosetta Commons Foundation, which has established a wholly-owned subsidiary company called Levitate Bio. Levitate Bio provides cloud-based automated protein modeling and design protocols using AI & Rosetta, available through annual subscriptions. With a mission similar to the Rosetta Commons, the Rosetta Commons Foundation aims to foster a collaborative community that contributes to knowledge and tools for computational modeling and design of biological macromolecules. Appointed by the Rosetta Commons Board, the Foundation’s initial Board currently consists of Jeff Gray, Julia Koehler Leman, and David Nannemann. We expect this leadership structure to evolve soon, with a more permanent Board structure announced in due course. What is unique