Introducing Rosetta Commons Foundation and Levitate Bio

Dear members of the Rosetta Community,

The Rosetta Commons Board is excited to announce a significant milestone in the evolution of our community and a step on our path toward the Future of Rosetta. We have created a non-profit organization, the Rosetta Commons Foundation, which has established a wholly-owned subsidiary company called Levitate Bio. Levitate Bio provides cloud-based automated protein modeling and design protocols using AI & Rosetta, available through annual subscriptions.

With a mission similar to the Rosetta Commons, the Rosetta Commons Foundation aims to foster a collaborative community that contributes to knowledge and tools for computational modeling and design of biological macromolecules. Appointed by the Rosetta Commons Board, the Foundation’s initial Board currently consists of Jeff Gray, Julia Koehler Leman, and David Nannemann. We expect this leadership structure to evolve soon, with a more permanent Board structure announced in due course.

What is unique about the Rosetta Commons Foundation? It is a nonprofit organization that serves as the sole equity owner of Levitate Bio, a setup that would allow profits from Levitate Bio to flow back to the parent organization. Rosetta Commons community activities, such as education, conferences, and scientific research, may be supported with these funds. Moving forward, we welcome input from the Rosetta Commons community about these new entities.

Levitate Bio is a spin-out of Cyrus Biotechnology. It will advance software tools built on the Rosetta software suite and state-of-the-art AI technologies. Bringing the power of biomolecular structure prediction and design to a wider audience continues the acceleration of scientific discovery and development. Levitate Bio is led by Sam DeLuca as CEO and Karen Khar as VP of Sales and Business Development. Both have deep roots in our community, honing their expertise over many years.

This is an exciting time for the Rosetta Commons. The formation of the Rosetta Commons Foundation and its relationship to Levitate Bio represents a commitment to growth, sustainability, and broad impact. Thank you for your continued commitment and trust in our community. 

If you have any questions or would like to know more about what this means for our community, you can submit your questions HERE or reach out to me (jgray at jhu dot edu) and Rosetta Commons Industry Chair David Nannemann (david at rosettadesigngroup dot com). As always, we appreciate all input and welcome partnership in these milestones.

On behalf of the Rosetta Commons Board,


The Rosetta Commons Board

Jeff Gray - Director

Steffen Lindert - Treasurer

Camille Matthis - Secretary

Rocco Moretti - Documentation Chair

Colin Smith - Membership Chair

Ora Schueler-Furman - Awards Chair

Firas Khatib - Diversity Chair

Dominik Gront - Safety Officer

Ashley Vater - Workforce Development Chair

Julia Koehler Leman - Conference Executive Chair

David Nannemann - Industry Chair

Alena Khmelinskaia - Early Career Faculty Chair

Brian Weitzner - At-large Member


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