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Proposal for the Future of Rosetta

Dear friends, colleagues, and supporters of Rosetta: I’m sure you are all aware of the rapid changes in our field of biomolecular structure prediction and design. Our Rosetta community has grown tremendously; our impact is rapidly extending into industry, materials, and the clinic; and deep learning is supercharging progress into the future.  I’m thrilled to share with you today a Proposal for the Future of Rosetta and to invite you to discuss it at our upcoming Town Hall : Thurs. June 30 Noon EDT = 9 AM PDT = 6 PM Europe = Midnight China Zoom link is on the wiki Here’s the history : Over the last several virtual RosettaCons, we have discussed the transformations in our field in “Future of Rosetta” breakout discussions. Then this past fall, a group of Rosetta scientists suggested that we should seriously consider shifting to a “free and open-source software (FOSS)” model to better position Rosetta as the standard platform for biomolecular modeling for all time. The Developer TeleCon