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How to Improve Psychological Safety in Your Lab

  ~ contributed by JEDI Committee Overview of Psychological Safety Psychological safety was first described over thirty years ago and has been defined as the “shared belief that the team is safe for interpersonal risk taking” (Edmonson, 1999). People of backgrounds historically excluded from STEM are more likely to feel uncomfortable taking risks and sharing their ideas. Thus, p sychological safety is a key component of JEDI efforts. Haris Domond of Equity Impact Associates spoke at winter RosettaCon 2021 on translating psychological safety practices from the corporate environment to the lab workplace. Actionable recommendations from Haris Domond, MTS: Create Individual Development Plans for lab personnel/trainees Publish organizational/lab demographic summary data in transparent manner Clearly define PhD Program requirements and success milestones Distribute projects equitably such that all students have opportunities to do high-impact work Be transparent about your goals when criti