Exploring new grounds: Introducing Suncadia Resort for Summer RosettaCon 2024

Hello friends of Rosetta,

We're thrilled to announce an exciting new chapter in our community's journey! After 20 years of wonderful memories at the Sleeping Lady for our annual summer conference, we're moving to a new venue in 2024. As part of our journey of growth and exploration, we are embarking on a new adventure at the Suncadia Resort, outside of Seattle.

Our community's evolution is a story of expanding horizons and embracing new possibilities. Suncadia Resort, with its state-of-the-art facilities and size, aligns perfectly with our commitment to growth, accessibility, inclusivity and innovation. This move is a way to test new waters while remaining true to our roots. It's an opportunity to explore new avenues, just as we encourage innovation and new ideas in our field.

The Sleeping Lady will always hold a special place in our hearts, and the decision to try Suncadia Resort was made with a spirit of adventure and curiosity. 

Join us from Aug 5-9, 2024 at Suncadia Resort for what promises to be an exciting new chapter. Let's make this conference a testament to our community's dynamic spirit, adaptability, and drive for new experiences. 

Warm regards,

The 2024 Summer RosettaCon conference committee

(Julia Koehler Leman, Camille Mathis, Gabe Rocklin, Gaurav Bhardwaj, David Nannemann)

Source: https://www.destinationhotels.com/suncadia-resort/photo-and-video-gallery

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