October update from Future-of-Rosetta task force

Hello Rosetta community and friends of Rosetta,


We wanted to give you a brief monthly update about the things that are going on in the Rosetta community, especially with respect to the committees but also other things that are happening. If you'd like to join any of the committees, please get in touch with the respective chair. If you'd like to post anything to the November newsletter, please email Julia (Julia.koehler.leman@gmail.com).





NSF POSE Award Phase I awarded

The Future of Rosetta task force is pleased to report that we have been awarded an NSF Phase I Pathways to Enable Open-Source Ecosystems (POSE) award (PI: King, Co-PIs: Gray and Siegel)! There are two phases for POSE awards. Phase I provides $300,000 for 1 year to evaluate the feasibility of and develop a plan for migrating existing scientific software projects to open source. This aligns perfectly with the scoping and planning discussions we are having as a community right now. Phase II awards provide up to $1.5M over 2 years to fund the implementation of the migration if a decision to migrate is reached. We feel that the Phase I POSE is perfect for the Rosetta Commons at this moment, and we are excited to have been awarded the grant.

Interim chairs of the committees identified

We are also pleased to announce that we have successfully identified interim chairs for all of our committees! Our nomination process considered leadership, vision and expertise; impressively, nobody turned down a nomination. This is a strong reflection of our community's vibrance, engagement, and spirit of service. The interim chairs for the Rosetta Commons operational committees are:


· Conference committee: Tim Whitehead

· JEDI committee: Parisa Hosseindazeh

· Education committee: Ashley Vater

· Software infrastructure committee: Sam DeLuca

o This will be a seamless transition from the Technical Roadmap committee, which Sam started chairing

· Software Applications committee: David Nannemann

· Software User/Dev support committee: Rocco Moretti

· Bylaws / membership committee: Colin Smith

· President search committee: Neil King


Conference committee (Tim Whitehead - tiwh4058@colorado.edu)

The conference committee has been planning the Keystone meeting in March, arranging lists of potential attendees and trying to determine attendance vs. subsidy level for the community. The goal is also to recruit more members for this committee.


JEDI committee (Parisa Hosseindazeh - parisah@uoregon.edu)

The JEDI committee discussed their goals and started thinking about the mission and vision for the committee. They split into working groups and started thinking about the budget required to reach these goals. The JEDI committee would love to recruit more faculty members but also more members in general. Please get in touch with Parisa if you are interested in joining.


Education committee (Ashley Vater - awvater@ucdavis.edu)

The Education Committee met for the first time on October 3rd with about 25 people attending. The committee discussed the group's interests and motivations in Rosetta Education, and were excited to have members from all career levels join the call. From the discussions, they were able to collect innovative feedback and ideas about revamping bootcamps/synchronous training. They started a breakout group for Bootcamp planning and implementation and are working on an instructor position description. The committee also started drafting mission and vision statements and a small list of supportive aims. Please reach out to Ashley if you are interested in contributing to education projects in the Commons! 


Software technical roadmap / infrastructure committee (Sam DeLuca - samuel.l.deluca@gmail.com)

The Technical Roadmap committee wrote a brainstorming document outlining the tasks they think the RosettaCommons should accomplish over the next several years with the aim of making Rosetta more usable. The next step is to turn this document into a more formal long-term roadmap.


Software applications committee (David Nannemann - david@rosettadesigngroup.com)

The goal for the next month is to hold a kickoff meeting to establish committee vision and goals. Please get in touch with David if you would like to join the committee.


Software user / developer support committee (Rocco Moretti – rocco.moretti@vanderbilt.edu)

The goal for the next month is to organize a meeting and identify goals for the committee. Please get in touch with Rocco if you would like to join the committee.


Bylaws / Membership committee (Colin Smith – colin.smith@wesleyan.edu)

The membership committee met and brainstormed about the specific goals they would like to accomplish. This includes the definition of what membership means and what changes to the bylaws would need to happen in the long term to reflect voting rights and resource allocation. The next steps are to start a document outlining some specific changes to membership.


President Search committee (Neil King – neil@ipd.uw.edu)

The committee identified two possible search firms to work with and drafted a job description for the President. The next steps are to pitch this to the companies and to outline the criteria by which candidates will be evaluated by.


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